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About Us

Every organization is defined by its mission. At St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc. we are formed, strengthened and directed by our Mission Statement:

to provide clients who are homebound
with the absolute best in quality health care
at affordable service rates

We combine the low-cost scale of our services and the top-notch competencies of our care professionals. To us, healthcare does not have to cost you a fortune, most especially the kind of care that you get in your own home.

St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc. is locally recognized, state-licensed and highly recommended by its existing clientele. It is an honor for us to be continually endorsed to family and friends. Incidentally, such recommendations are the reason why we have grown so much in just a short span of time.

We are confident that we can continue providing you with the quality care that you have experienced from St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc. for many more years to come. Thank you for choosing us!

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